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English 101:  4-Credit Protocol

What is the 4th credit?  The 4th credit in English 101 is designed to help writers who need extra structure in order to succeed in English 101.  Writers who are required to take English 101 for 4 credits will attend regular appointments at the Writing Center, do some extra work revising papers for their final portfolios, and in some cases may meet out of class with their instructors.  Some writers will be required after evaluation of their writing skills to take the class for 4 credits.  If you are so notified, you do not have the option of refusing to take the course for 4 credits; this assignment is mandatory.  Then, depending on space, a limited number of volunteers may also be given the opportunity to take the class for 4 credits. 

The 4th credit has many advantages.  It gives students lots of consultation with experienced writers outside of class.  It puts writers in closer contact with their instructors and allows them to set and achieve goals.  Most important, it provides writers with a structure that offers them the additional instruction and support they need to succeed in English 101.

All English 101 writers will write a diagnostic paper on a common topic which will be due in the third week of classes.  Once these papers have been handed in, the English 101 staff will meet to evaluate these papers and to decide which writers will be required to enroll in English 101 for 4 credits rather than 3.  In the fourth week of classes, some writers will be notified that they will need to take the course for 4 credits.  On a space-available basis, a limited number of volunteers may have the option of taking the course for 4 credits.  During the fourth and fifth weeks of classes, all 4-credit writers must drop English 101 for 3 credits and add it for 4 credits.

4-credit writers will be required to make 10 full visits to the Writing Center over the course of the semester, usually with 2 visits per paper.  Writing Center Consultants will help track each writer's progress by generating a memo describing each visit.  A copy of each memo will be sent to the writer's instructor.

<       Writing Center visits must be scheduled weekly and cannot be made up if a writer fails to show up for a scheduled visit.  The average visit lasts about 30 minutes.

<       The Writing Center encourages writers to build relationships with individual Writing Center Consultants, and encourages writers to request their favorite Consultants when scheduling their weekly appointments. 

<       Writers don't necessarily need to be working on a draft to profit from a visit to the Writing Center.  Consultants can help writers with brainstorming, revising, polishing, and other issues, including developing an effective writing process.

<       If you are unable to keep an appointment, you MUST call the Writing Center to notify them in advance. The Writing Center notifies me when you fail to show up for an appointment.  Students who fail to show up for a scheduled Writing Center appointment or repeatedly cancel appointments will be penalized.  Each no-show will lower your final grade exponentially and may cause you to fail this course.

Writers who have additional questions about the 4th credit should consult with Dr. Jadwin  for more information.

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