English 268: Film Analysis
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Film Resources on the Internet

General Film Resources

BBC-Film. From the British Broadcasting Company, this is a comprehensive site featuring movie reviews and release info, DVD reviews, filmmaking advice, feature articles from BBC News, and information on alternative and short films. BBC also includes a section on Bollywood, the Indian film industry.

The Internet Movie Database (IMDB). IMDB is unquestionably the biggest and most comprehensive film site on the Web. Film entries include complete cast and crew lists, production details, and technical information, as well as box office information and trivia. The homepage contains movie news, daily polls and quotes, and information on new releases. The site is an affiliate of Amazon.com, so titles are linked to purchase information and ads are included.

Masters of Cinema. This is a scholarly site offering news and information on World Cinema. The site is updated regularly and includes a worldwide DVD calendar, as well as links to tribute pages for selected filmmakers.

The Best 1,000 Movies Ever Made. This New York Times site includes brief plot descriptions of the chosen movies, as well as the original reviews written by Times’ reviewers at the time of release. Users must register on the site to read the reviews, but the movie list and plot descriptions are available without registration.

The Greatest Films. Run by Tim Dirks, this is one of the best and most extensive film resources on the Web. The heart of the site is the author’s lists of the 100, 200, and 300 greatest films, which include detailed reviews, synopses, and historical backgrounds of the chosen films. The site also provides a comprehensive “Film History by Decade” and a “Film Terms Glossary,” as well as lists of “Box Office Hits and Academy Award Winners,” and “Tips on Viewing Films Critically.” This is an invaluable resource, although users do have to sift through pop-up ads.

Movie Review Query Engine. This site contains reviews of more than 45,000 movies, including reviews from major newspapers, Web sites, and entertainment magazines.

Reel Classics. A comprehensive and well-maintained site on classic movies, Reel Classics includes individual pages for films, stars, and filmmakers (including not only directors but also producers, designers, and musicians) of the classic era. The Webmaster also writes original commentary and reviews, and features fun items, such as trivia contests, an audio/video gallery, and a monthly newsletter.

The Silent Film Website. An excellent resource on silent film, this site includes news relating to silent movies, film lists and reviews, profiles of silent era stars and filmmakers, and information on theaters from the silent era. This is a well-organized and comprehensive resource.

The British Film Institute
(BFI). BFI is an excellent educational resource. The Web site contains a “Film Links Gateway,” which is a regularly updated, extensive selection of reviewed Web sites on film, organized by category for easy access. Categories include the “History of Film,” “Scripts/Scriptwriting,” and “Music in Film.”

Filmmaking Resources

Filmmaking.com: The Filmmaking Portal. This site contains information on both independent and Hollywood filmmaking and is updated regularly with industry news. The site also provides articles on topics from learning filmmaking basics to how to get a film financed to how to write a screenplay, all arranged in an easily accessible format. One of the most useful features to potential filmmakers is a database of companies interested in financing film projects.

Filmmaking.net. This site provides a database of more than 500 film schools, as well as answers to more than 200 frequently asked filmmaking questions. In addition, users can communicate on discussion forums or access the classifieds for filmmaking equipment. The site accepts reference articles from users and will publish them on the site.

Screensite. Screensite is aimed at film students and teachers, and is sponsored by the Department of Telecommunication and Film at the University of Alabama. Some of its most useful features include an encyclopedia of film terminology, links to film course syllabi, and news articles relating to the film industry. The site also has a forum for job announcements and a directory of related Web links.

Scripts Online

The Internet Movie Script Database. The largest collection of scripts on the Web, this site allows users to search for scripts by title or genre, and scripts can be read or downloaded for free. The site also includes links to screenwriting resources, movie reviews, and general movie sites arranged by genre. Access:

Simply Scripts. Updated regularly, this site has links to several hundred free, downloadable movie scripts, including those that are current, classic, and soon-to-be-released. An excellent resource for potential screenwriters, the site provides how-to resources for writers, as well as practical information, such as the importance of protecting work through copyright. The site also includes a message board, where users can discuss and critique each other’s work.

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