I'm a family historian researching the major branches of my father's family, the Jadwins.  Each major surname below is followed by the family's path of settlement.  Click the surname to access more information about each family.

  • ARCULARIUS. Marburg, Hesse, Germany; New York City; Albany NY; Moline area, IL; Kings County, California.
  • JADWIN. Middlesex, England; Ireland; tidewater Virginia and Maryland; Kentucky?; Moline, area, IL; Los Angeles and Kings County, California.
  • KOLB Germany; South Carolina; Georgia; Indiana;  Tulare County, California.
  • LA MORE. Quebec?  Ireland?  Burlington, VT area; New York; Moline, IL, area; Tulare and Kings Counties, California.
  • MILLER. [In progress.] Germany; Pennsylvania; Indiana; Paso Robles, Tulare and Kings Counties, California.
Like many American families, these originated in Europe, emigrating between the 17th and 18th centuries to the New World in search of work, religious freedom, and land.  They gradually moved west along familiar trade routes like the Erie Canal, converging in Indiana and Illinois in the mid-19th century.  Several family members served in the Union Army during the Civil War. They moved from Illinois and Indiana around 1900 and settled in Tulare and Kings Counties, California, where they were farmers.

My great-grandparents George Thomas Jadwin
and Orca Miller Jadwin, circa 1910

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