The Jadwins originated in England and have lived in North America for more than 300 years.  John Jadwin, the ancestor of many American Jadwins, was an early seeker of religious freedom and a member of one of the oldest Friends (Quaker) meetings in the U.S.  (He was expelled from Virginia in an anti-Quaker purge.)  His Anglican brothers Robert and Jeremiah settled in Virginia and were landowners there.  A history of my branch of the family, with my male ancestors highlighted in red, is below.  I have numbered some of the male Jadwins in order to keep them straight, since for 200 years the family named nearly all their male children "John" "Bartholomew," "Jeremiah," "Robert," or "Thomas."

    The name "Jadwin" is said to mean "friend of a stonecutter" (Anglo-Saxon jad "stonecutter" + win or "friend.")

    Several Polish-Americans have told me that the Polish name "Jazwinski" (various spellings) was often anglicized as "Jadwin" in the immigration and assimilation process.  I'd be interested in hearing from any family members with this background.


  • Lucien Howard Jadwin, Jadwin Family History (referred to as HJ in the notes below)  Privately published, 1979.  2 vols.  An extensive, well-documented family history of many branches of the family, including the Maryland/Virginia, Michigan, and Texas branches.  Transcriptions of primary sources, plus index in Vol. II.  Particularly good on the Virginia and Maryland Jadwins of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Unfortunately this book is out of print.
  • Regina Barry's website contains detailed, well-documented information about the Talbot County, Maryland Jadwins and includes PAF family group sheets.
  • Trace the John Jadwin/Anne Montague connection and download his useful GEDCOM file at Skiles Montague's website.

     1. William JADWYN, born ca 1526 at Berwick, England (HJ 18).  William Jadwyn, Esq., was a landowner and lived in Berwick, England, which is in the ware district of Hertford, about 20 miles north of London. The  word "berwick" means "cornfield."  The William Jadwin family lived in Cheshire in western England around 1560.  William JADWYN married ? (name unknown).  They had the following children:

    + 2 i Thomas JADWYN.


    2. Thomas JADWYN, died ca 1627.  At the time of his death, Thomas Jadwin was Church Warden, Church of St. Michael Paternoster in London. Thomas Jadwyn was a middle-class cutler (knife-maker) and investor who lived in London during the early part of the 17th century. He died before the Commonwealth Period occurred. His will (HJ 19) is an interesting document: he forgives his apprentice, Daniel Colwell, the last year of his term; leaves the poor of his parish 40 shillings; leaves his lands in the New World to his son and son-in-law, with the instruction that his son-in-law and daughter and their issue may remain on the lands for 100 years as long as they pay a small yearly fee and all the taxes. To his second wife, Elizabeth, he leaves the picturesquely named properties "Saracen's Head," "Unicorn," "and "Crown," which are all located in the Parish of St. George in Southwark, Surrey - presumably these are public houses, and she is to have the income of these through her lifetime, at the end of which they pass into the succession of his children. Though Elizabeth is executrix, he leaves oversight of his will to "the master and wardens of the said mystery and commonalty of Cutlers of London" (HJ 20).
    Thomas Jadwyn was an early investor in lands in Virginia, known in several documents as a "Virginia Adventurer." The investments paid off: by the time he died, he had acquired a great deal of land in the New World.  Thomas Jadwyn made several trips to Virginia, especially around 1620 (HJ18). In his will, which was probated 5 Mar 1627, he left all his lands in VA to Robert, who then moved there with his wife Sisley to live as a planter on the lands.
    Thomas took 2 shares in the Bermuda Company, and they were assigned to him in Pembroke Parish. In his will, Thomas left his lands in the Sommer Islands (now Bermuda) to his daughter Hannah and her husband Thomas Dunscombe. They also emigrated from England to Bermuda to live on the lands.

    Thomas JADWYN married Lucy SKILLICORNE (the daughter of Sir John SKILLICORNE and Elizabeth HEDGES). They had the following children:

    + 3 i Robert JADWIN.

    Thomas JADWYN married Elizabeth WRIGHT 28 May 1594 at London, England (Parish Register of St. Aldemary, qtd in HJ 17); died ca 1637 at St. Mary Newington, Surrey, England (Genealogical Gleanings of Engl, H.F. Waters, 1901, HJ 21).  They had the following children:

    + 4 i Hannah JADWYN.
    5 ii Susannah JADWYN.


    3. Robert JADWIN, born ca 1586 at Berwick, England; christened 1632 (HJ 22); died bef 1658 at Essex Co, VA. Robert was educated at Merchant Taylors [sic] School, London, from 1598 to 1604.  Robert was an Anglican. He emigrated to VA in 1627 to inherit estates left him by his father Thomas Jadwyn.  Robert JADWIN married Sisley CLARKE, (the daughter of Sir Francis CLARKE and wife of Sir Francis CLARKE) 1635 at England; born bef 1615 at London, England (estimated from apparent age of sons); died ca 1667 at Westmoreland Co, VA (Will of Sisley Journeau).  They had the following children:

    + 6 i Robert2 JADWIN.
    + 7 ii John1 JADWIN.
    + 8 iii Jeremiah1 JADWIN.

    4. Hannah JADWYN.  Hannah JADWYN married Thomas DUNSCOMBE.  They had the following children:

    9 i Philip DUNSCOMBE, died ca 1679.
    10 ii Thomas Jadwyn DUNSCOMBE.
    11 iii Samuel DUNSCOMBE.


    6. Robert2 JADWIN (Planter), born/baptised 1632 at England; died 26 Mar 1674 at Westmoreland Co, VA.  Attended the Merchant Taylors School in London, as his father had done, from 1644 to 1645 (HJ26).  In 1662 Robert Jadwin takes up 200 acres in Northumberland Co, Virginia (HJ27).
    In the Westmoreland Co Deeds and Wills Book, there is a deed, dated 19 May 1666, from Samuel Earle of Cople Parish to Robert Jadwin of the same, conveying 300 acres of land (H28). In 1672 Robert Jadwin is listed as a Major in the Westmoreland Co VA Commission of the Peace (H 28).

    Robert2 JADWIN married ? (name unknown). They had the following children:

    + 12 i Jane JADWIN.
    + 13 ii Sisley JADWIN.

    7. John JADWIN, born before 1638 at London, England (Barry 1); died after 31 Oct 1700 at Talbot Co, MD (Barry 1). He was the only one of the three grandsons of the "Virginia Adventurer" Thomas Jadwyn - to have male issue.
    "Robert and Jeremiah were Episcopalians (Anglicans). John was a Quaker.  England at the time was Puritan, and all the Jadwins enumerated above were persecuted and left England on that account. Robert and Jeremiah. . .found themselves at home among friends in the province of Virginia, for Virginia received Episcopalians throughout Cromwell's rule. But John, being a Quaker, had to 'leave.' John's wife, Ann Montague Jadwin, died before 1659, he returned to England.  John then married Hannah (surname unknown), and then settled in Talbot Co, MD." Cornelius Comegys Jadwin, in HJ 47.  With his two wives, John Jadwin sired an enormous family!
    Apparently the John Jadwin family remained in Talbot Co for another 150 years; in 1826 they moved to Wayne Co, PA. Descendants of John Jadwin's daughter Jane Jadwin Critcher remained in Westmoreland Co until 1879. (H53, from an account by Cornelius Comegys Jadwin.)
    John JADWIN married Ann MONTAGUE (the daughter of Peter MONTAGUE and Cicely REYNOLDS) bef 1658 at Westmoreland Co, VA (Barry 1); born ca 1630 at Virginia; died bef 1659. They had the following children:

    + 14 i John2 JADWIN.
    15 ii Anne JADWIN.
    + 16 iii Bartholomew1 JADWIN.

    After Anne Montague Jadwin's death, John1 JADWIN married Hannah (surname unknown). They had the following children:

    + 17 i Robert3 JADWIN.
    + 18 ii Hannah JADWIN.
    + 19 iii Joseph JADWIN.
    + 20 iv Elizabeth JADWIN.
    + 21 v Sarah JADWIN.
    + 22 vi Thomas JADWIN.
    + 23 vii John3 JADWIN.

    8. Jeremiah1 JADWIN, died before 1697 at Westmoreland Co, VA.   Apparently he never married, and died without issue.  His niece Sisley Jadwin Journew leaves him all her lands in her will of 1668.   He was apparently an active public servant:   surveyor of the highways in his district in Westmoreland Co, VA, in 1691.  Participates in various court proceedings as judge and juror - 1694  through 1695; in Jan 1696, becomes a Justice of the Peace. His will is probated in 1697.
      12. Jane JADWIN.  Jane JADWIN married John CRITCHER. (For extensive information about the Jadwin/Critcher family, see Regina Barry's website).
      13. Sisley JADWIN.  Sisley JADWIN married Robert PARISH.  They had the following children:
    24 i Jadwin PARISH, born 26 Feb 1682 at Talbot Co, MD.
    25 ii Robert PARISH, born 13 Jul 1679 at Talbot Co, MD.
    14. John2 JADWIN.  Died unmarried.

    16. Bartholomew1 JADWIN, died 1691 at Talbot Co, MD.  Bartholomew1 JADWIN married Ann ASDELL May 1680? at Talbot Co, MD. They had the following child:
    + 26 i Jeremiah2 JADWIN.
    17. Robert3 JADWIN, born 25 Dec 1676 at Talbot Co, MD (THSR);  died 1727.
Robert3 JADWIN married Martha WOOTERS 11 Dec 1699 at Talbot Co, MD; born 28 Nov 1680 (HLJ 86).  They had the following child:
    27 i Jeremiah3 JADWIN.
After Martha's death, Robert3 JADWIN married Elizabeth WARD bef 1721.
    18. Hannah JADWIN, born 19 Jan 1678 at Talbot Co, MD. Hannah JADWIN married David AREY 1 Nov 1695.
    19. Joseph JADWIN, born 11 Dec 1680 at Talbot Co, MD.  No provision is made in his father's 1706 will for Joseph Jadwin.  At the time, Joseph was living in New York.
    20. Elizabeth JADWIN, born 17 Dec 1686 at Talbot Co, MD. Elizabeth JADWIN married Emanuel JENKINSON 1 Sep 1704 at Talbot Co, MD.
    21. Sarah JADWIN, born 20 May 1690 at Talbot Co, MD. Sarah JADWIN married Phillip MORGAN 18 Dec 1707 at Talbot Co, MD.
    22. Thomas JADWIN, born at Talbot Co, MD. Appears to have died without issue (HLJ 85). Is left 200 acres in his father's will.
    23. John3 JADWIN, born 18 Mar 1694 at Talbot Co, MD.  Appears to have died without issue (HLJ 85).
    26. Jeremiah2 JADWIN, born ca 1683 at Westmoreland Co, VA.  Jeremiah2 JADWIN married Isabell HARRISON (the daughter of  Jas. or Jos. HARRISON and Isabella HARRISON) 9 Sep 1701 at Talbot Co, MD. They had the following child:
     + 28 i Bartholomew2 JADWIN.
    28. Bartholomew2 JADWIN, born bef 1755 at Allegany Co, MD; died bef 1819 (will proved Oct 1819 - HJ 305).  The children in this marriage are surmises by HJ. Dickinson, Jeremiah, and David may have been children by the first and possibly second marriage of Bartholomew2. "In 1783 Assessment for Caroline Co, a Bartholomew Jadwin had 1 white male in his household. We may assume this is the same Bartholomew listed in Allegany County n 1800. As to whether this be Bartholomew Senior or Junior, HJ has been unable to ascertain. Jeremiah and Isabel (Harrison) Jadwin were married in 1701 (Bartholomew's father and mother.) If this be Bartholomew Senior, he could have exceeded 100 years of age at his death in 1817. It appears he also could have married 3 times" (HJ 303-4).

    Bartholomew2 JADWIN married Susannah BERRY (the daughter of Jeremiah BERRY).
They had the following children:
    + 29 i Nancy JADWIN.
    + 30 ii Thomas JADWIN.
    + 31 iii Dickinson JADWIN.
    29. Nancy JADWIN, born aft 1790. By 1820, according to the Census of that date, Nancy Jadwin Tatman and her husband William were probably living in the household of Nancy's widowed mother Susannah Jadwin. HJ 305.  Nancy JADWIN married William TATMAN 18 Oct 1817 at Allegany Co, MD (Allegany Co Marr Register 1, p. 23, HJ 305).
    30. Thomas JADWIN (farmer), born ca 1780 at Allegany Co, MD. Probably served in the War of 1812: index indicates Thomas Jadwin, private, 1st Regiment (Ragan's), Maryland Militia. Thomas JADWIN married (name unknown) born ca 1780. They had the following child:
    + 32 i Thener JADWIN.
    33 ii Henry JADWIN, born 3 Apr 1804; died 8 Nov 1885; buried at Idlesboro, OH.
    34 iii Bartholomew3 JADWIN, born 1807; died 1884.
    35 iv Isaac JADWIN, born 1808; died 30 Apr 1906; buried at Upland, IN.
    + 36 v Thomas JADWIN.
    37 vi Sarah JADWIN, born ca 1815; died at Upland, IN; buried at Jefferson Cemetery West.
    38 vii William JADWIN.
    39 viii Nancy JADWIN.
31. Dickinson JADWIN, born bef 1760 at Allegany Co, MD; died bef 1825 at Licking Co, OH (HJ 306). Moved to Ohio, because he disappears from MD census, probably around 1810. It's likely that his brother David Jadwin went with him. HJ 306
    32. Thener JADWIN, born 1802; died 12 Feb 1870; buried at Idlesboro Cemetery, Idlesboro, OH. Thener JADWIN married Thomas LIGHTLE 10 May 1827 at Perry Co, OH (records of Sharon Bail).
    36. Thomas JADWIN (farmer), born 12 May 1814 at Maryland (150 Perry Co Census, Bearfield Twp); died 23 Jan 1897 at Bearfield, Perry Co, OH; buried at Pleasant Grove M. E. Cemetery. At his death, the Perry Co records indicate the place of birth as Sayre, OH, though this is not what he said in the censuses. Thomas JADWIN married Rebecca DOME or /TATMAN/ (the daughter of father of Rebecca DOME and mother of Rebecca DOME) born 9 Apr 1818 at Pennsylvania (1850 Census, Bearfield Twp, Perry Co OH); died 19 Mar 1892 at Bearfield, Perry Co, OH; buried at Pleasant Grove M. E. Cemetery. They had the following children:
    + 40 i Francis Monroe JADWIN.
    + 41 ii Isaac JADWIN.
    + 42 iii William JADWIN.
    43 iv Margaret JADWIN, born ca 1843 at Bearfield, Perry Co, OH.
    44 v Elmira JADWIN, born ca 1845 at Bearfield, Perry Co, OH.
    45 vi Elizabeth JADWIN, born ca 1847 at Chittenden Co, VT.
    46 vii Amanda JADWIN, born ca 1849 at Bearfield, Perry Co, OH.
    47 viii John JADWIN, born ca 1851 at Bearfield, Perry Co, OH.
    48 ix Nancy JADWIN, born ca 1854 at Bearfield, Perry Co, OH.
    49 x Sarah JADWIN, born ca 1857 at Bearfield, Perry Co, OH.
    50 xi David JADWIN, born ca 1860 at Bearfield, Perry Co, OH.
    40. Francis Monroe JADWIN, born ca 1847 at Bearfield, Perry Co, OH. Francis Monroe Jadwin's nickname was "Frank." Frank Jadwin left Mary Blaney and the children in 1894 or 1895. Apparently a relative later looked for him in Zanesville, OH, but no traces turned up. However, there are still Jadwins living in Zanesville.  LHJ's book lists a Francis N. Jadwin as having married Eliza Hard in 1872. Was this Frank's first marriage, and the "N" in the record a mistake, or was there another Francis Jadwin living in Perry County OH?  Francis Monroe JADWIN married Mary Elizabeth BLANEY (the daughter of Justus L. BLANEY and Anna C. COPE) 4 Jun 1879; died at Vallejo, Solano Co, CA. They had the following children:
    + 51 i George Thomas JADWIN.
    + 52 ii Harry Francis JADWIN.

       41. Isaac JADWIN, born ca 1838 at Bearfield, Perry Co, OH. Probably served in the civil war. There is a record of an Isaac Jadwin, parents Thomas and Rebecca, who served in Company D, 30th Ohio Infantry (LHJ 98).
    42. William JADWIN, born ca 1841 at Bearfield, Perry Co, OH. Probably served in Union Army in the Civil War. There is a record of William Jadwin who served in Company D, 30th Ohio Infantry. William JADWIN married Alice (surname unknown).
    51. George Thomas JADWIN (farmer), born 28 Mar 1880 at Zanesville, Perry Co OH; died 27 Mar 1950 at Dinuba, Tulare Co, CA. George Thomas JADWIN married Orca MILLER (the daughter of Alfred MILLER and Ida SPANNUTH) 1907?; born 28 Sep 1884; died 25 Mar 1943. They had the following children:
    + 53 i Thomas Alfred JADWIN, born 16 Apr 1909, died 24 Jan 1998.
    + 54 ii Marguerite JADWIN.
    55 iii Janet JADWIN, born 1 Nov 1910.
    + 56 iv Mildred JADWIN.
52. Harry Francis JADWIN, born 13 Mar 1888; died 15 May 1959 (Mary Blaney bible; information from Diane Castro). Harry Francis JADWIN married Marie or Mary FOX (Mormon), 1910 (Marie is or was a Mormon; possibly she or members of her family are interested in genealogy; date from Mary Blaney bible); died 6 Sep 1953 (Mary Blaney bible). Harry Francis JADWIN married Louise (surname unknown) Aug 1954 (Mary Blaney bible).

I have omitted information that might compromise the privacy of living family members.  If you have questions, corrections, or information to share, please e-mail me.


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