Lisa Jadwin
Professor of English 
St. John Fisher College 
3690 East Avenue 
Rochester, NY  14618  USA 
585/385-8192 (voice) 
585/385-7311 (fax)

English 101 (College Writing)
English 102 (Writing & Literature)
English 200 (Literary Analysis)
English 231 (Detective and Mystery Fiction) 
English 233 (Exile in Postmodern Narratives)
English 239D (The Development of the Modern Gothic)
English 268 Film Analysis
English 322 (Survey - Victorians to Moderns)
English 425 (Advanced Writing Senior Seminar) 
English 441: Seminar in Gender and Language

English 442 (Seminar in Genre:  The Novel)
Women and Gender Studies 101 (Introduction)

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