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Lisa Jadwin 
Professor of English 
Director,  Health Humanities Program 
St. John Fisher College 
3690 East Avenue 
Rochester, NY  14618 
585/385-8192 (voice) 585/385-7311 (fax) 

Ph.D., English, Princeton University, 1989. 
Fields: the novel in English, narrative theory, Victorian studies, gender studies.  
Dissertation:  Alphabets of Obliquity:  Female Double-Discourse and the Rhetoric of the Mid-Victorian Novel.  Directors:  U. C. Knoepflmacher and Sandra M. Gilbert. 
M.A., English, Princeton University, 1986. 
B.A, cum laude, English, University of California at Davis, 1981. 

Charlotte Brontë Revisited. Co-authored with Diane Long Hoeveler. Twayne English Authors Series. New York: Twayne Press, 1997. 

Both Sides, Now: An Approach to College Writing. Completed manuscript, including accompanying exercise book, under review.

Over Her Dead Body. In progress. An analysis of the ritual work of detective fiction, interrogating the structure of classic detective fiction and readers' response to that structure.

articles & chapters  
 "The Family Romance and the Student-Centered Classroom." In J. R. Epp and A. M. Watkinson, eds., Systemic Violence in Education: Promise Broken. Education and Culture Series, ed. Eugene Provenzo, Jr., and Paul Farber. Albany, New York: SUNY P, 1997: 127-139. 

"Shoshana Felman" and "Mary Helen Washington." Articles in The Encyclopedia of Feminist Literary Theory. Ed. Beth Kowaleski-Wallace. New York and London: Garland P, 1997: 150; 423-4. 

"Argument as Conquest: Rhetoric and Rape." In J. R. Epp and A. M. Watkinson, eds., Systemic Violence: How Schools Hurt Children. London and Washington: Falmer P, 1996: 133-144. 

"The Family Romance and the Student-Centered Classroom." Proceedings of the 1995 AAUW National Symposium, June 1995: 120-125. 

"'Caricatured, not faithfully rendered': Dickens's Revision of Jane Eyre." Modern Language Studies 26.2,3 (Summer 1996): 111-133. 

"Notes on Running a Student-Centered Literature Class." Electronically published on e-list VICTORIA, August 1994 (Victorian studies list; 672 members) and on e-list FEMPED-L, October 1995 (feminist pedagogy list; 79 members). 

"Mirroring: A Strategy for Handling Hate Speech in the Classrom." Concerns: The Journal of the Women's Caucus for the Modern Languages 23.1 (Winter 1993): 22-28. 

"Clytemnestra Rewarded: The Double Conclusion of Vanity Fair." In Alison Booth, ed., Famous Last Words: Changes in Gender and Narrative Closure. Feminist Issues: Practice, Politics, Theory Series. Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press, 1993: 35-61. 

"The Seductiveness of Female Duplicity in Vanity Fair." Studies in English Literature 32.4 (Fall 1992): 663-687. 

"The Male Hindi Filmgoer's Gaze: An Ethnographic Interpretation." Co-authored with Steve Derné. Under review.

"Arthur Conan Doyle's Purloined Poe."   Under review.

book reviews  
Review of Maiike Meijer, ed. and intro., and Erica Kijsker, Ankie Peypers, and Yopie Prins, co-editors. The Defiant Muse: Dutch and French Flemish Feminist Poems from the Middle Ages to the Present: A Bilingual Anthology. Forthcoming in Transformations, 1999. 

Review of Harriet Blodgett, Centuries of Days: Englishwomen's Diaries. Forthcoming in Transformations, 1999. 

"A Little Learning is a Dangerous Thing." Review essay of Dowling, Hellenism and Homosexuality, Flint, The Woman Reader 1837-1940, Mitchell, The Stone and the Scorpion. College Literature 24.2 (June 1997): 164-171. 

"Critiquing the New Canon." Review essay of Morris, Becoming Canonical in American Poetry Templin, Feminism and the Politics of Literary Reputation, and Palumbo-Liu, The Ethnic Canon: Histories, Institutions, Interventions. College Literature 23.3 (October 1996): 171-177. 
"The Wedding as Journey Trope in Eliot's Middlemarch." New York College English Association, Nazareth College, Rochester, New York, September 1998. Chair, panel on Native American Studies, same conference. 

"The Practice of Feminist Pedagogy." Lecture and teaching practicum, SUNY-Buffalo Graduate English Program, November 20, 1997. 
Chair, panel on experimental pedagogy, New York College English Association. Rochester, New York, September 1997. 
"Improvisation and Feminist Pedagogy." Congress of Learned Societies of Canada Annual Meeting, June 1997. St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada. 
Organizer and Chair, panel on "The Brontës and Literary Influence." Northeastern Modern Language Association Annual Convention. Montréal, Canada, April 1996. 
"Dracula in the Blackboard Jungle." Fall meeting of the New York College English Association. Brockport, New York, November 1995. 
"The Family Romance and the Student-Centered Classroom." 1995 AAUW Annual Symposium, "Achieving Gender Equity in the Classroom and on the Campus: The Next Steps." Orlando, Florida, June 1995. 
"Caricatured, not faithfully rendered": Dickens's Revision of Jane Eyre." Northeastern Modern Language Association Conference. Boston, Massachusetts, March/April 1995. 

"'Beaten by a woman's wit': Arthur Conan Doyle Rereads Poe's 'Purloined Letter.'" Victorians Institute Conference. Richmond, Virginia, October 1994. 
"Caricatured, not faithfully rendered": Dickens's Revision of Jane Eyre." New York College English Association, Rochester, New York, October 1994. 
"Mirroring: A Strategy for Dealing with Hate Speech." Modern Language Association Convention. New York, New York, December 1992 (2 panel presentations). 
"'Virtue Rewarded': Becky's Silence at the End of Vanity Fair." Modern Language Association Convention. Washington D.C., December 1989. 

service to the profession 
Director of Women and Gender Studies Program, St. John Fisher College, 1998-present.. 
Board member and Web Coordinator, New York College English Association, 1996-present. 
Associate Editor, Concerns: The Journal of the Women's Caucus for the Modern Languages, 1992-1998.. 
Guest co-editor with Wendy Hesford of special issue of Concerns on freedom of speech, Fall 1999. 
Advisory Editor, College Literature, 1999-present.

Manuscript Reviewer, College Literature, 1991-1999.
Manuscript Reviewer, Modern Language Association Press, 1990-1991. 
Editorial and Research Assistant, Oxford University Press, Complete Poems of Thomas Hardy, ed. Samuel Hynes (3 vols.), 1984-1986. 
Editorial Assistant, Quarterly Review of Literature, ed. Theodore Weiss, 1984-1985. 

Professor of English,
St. John Fisher College, 1991-present

Introduction to Gender and Women Studies (WGST 101) 
College Writing (101) 
Writing and Literature (102) 
Literary Analysis (200)  
Literature and Healing (210)
Men and Women in Contemporary Literature (223) 
Detective and Mystery Fiction (231) 
Postmodern Narratives of Exile (233) 
The College Romance (234) 
Fundamentals of Film (268)
Victorian Literature (295) 
Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century British Novel (358) 
Language and Gender (365) 
Colloquium: Reception Theory (396) 
Senior Seminar: The Poetics of Detective Fiction (415; 425) 
Senior Seminar: The Woman Question and the Nineteenth-Century Novel (415). 
Senior Seminar: Advanced Writing (425)

Visiting Assistant Professor of English,
Davidson College, 1989-1991

College Writing (101) 
Advanced College Writing (102) 
Introduction to Literature (110) 
Survey of British Literature 1660-1900 (160) 
Women Writers (295) 
Eighteenth-Century Novel (363; as seminar, 463) 
Modern British Poetry (372) 
Pew Foundation Interdisciplinary Seminar: Music and Literature 

and Lecturer,
Princeton University, 1984-1987

Literature and Composition (instructor) 
Introduction to Shakespeare (preceptor) 
Survey of British Literature, 1798-1944 (lecturer) 
Victorian Children's Literature (preceptor) 
The Mid-Victorian Novel (preceptor) 


grants, fellowships, & honors  
St. John Fisher College Award for Excellence in Teaching, 1997. 
St. John Fisher College Award for Advising, 1997. 
St. John Fisher Summer Research Grant (1995). 
St. John Fisher Summer Research Grant (1993). 
NEH Summer Seminar, "The Woman Question in Western Thought, 1750-1950," Karen M. Offen, Stanford University (1992). 
St. John Fisher Summer Research Grant (1992) (declined). 
Pew Foundation Interdisciplinary Studies Grant (1990-1991). 
Davidson College Travel and Research Grant (1990). 
Pew Foundation Research Grant (1990). 
Princeton University Fellowship (full tuition and stipend, 1982-1986). 
Departmental Citation, English, U. C. Davis (1981). 

The Dickens Society. 
Modern Language Association (MLA). 
National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE). 
New York College English Association (NYCEA). 
New York Council for the Humanities. 
Northeastern Modern Language Association (NEMLA). 
Northeast Victorian Studies Association (NEVSA). 
VICTORIA electronic conference (Victorian Studies). 
The Victorians Institute. 
WMST-L electronic conference (Women's Studies). 
Women's Caucus for the Modern Languages. 

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