I design and develop websites for clients in education, the arts, and other fields. Trained as both a graphic artist and a writer, I work with clients to create websites that are cleanly designed and easy to navigate.

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Rafe Martin website Rafe Martin: Author & Storyteller
Rafe Martin is an award-winning author and professional storyteller. Illustrated with drawings from his children's books, rafemartin.com introduces viewers to his presentations, offers a selection of his books and tapes for sale, and provides up-to-the-minute information about his schedule and ongoing projects. Because Rafe travels extensively, the site provides valuable contact information for prospective clients.
Fisher Faculty United Website Fisher Faculty United
The authorized website of the NYSUT/AAUP unionizing drive of the full-time faculty at St. John Fisher College.
NYCEA website The New York College English Association
The New York College English Association serves scholars and teachers in three states and sponsors two annual conferences: one upstate and one downstate, with a graduate-student prize. The site offers subscription to an electronic mailing list and will feature a quarterly electronic journal in 2001.
English at Fisher website

English at St. John Fisher
The St. John Fisher College English Department offers undergraduate degrees in writing and literary studies. The site incorporates candid digital photographs of faculty and students at work.

headshaking in horses Headshaking in Horses: A Resource Page
This was the first website to provide a comprehensive overview of treatment possibilities for horses suffering from the neurological disorder photic headshaking. Used by veterinarians, trainers and owners, it has been translated into French and sustains a growing mailing list of subscribers.
detective and mystery narratives Detective and Mystery Fiction
This website, for a college-level course, provides everything from lecture notes to sample multiple-choice tests in an easy-to-use online format. Even beginning web-surfers can find what they need here while picking up a few new skills such as downloading .pdf files and listening to audio clips.
women and gender studies

Women & Gender Studies
This site uses contemporary photographs of third-world women at work to introduce students to a an undergraduate program in women and gender studies.

web-design workshops

Web-Development Workshops
These web-development workshops are an online guide for college- and university-level faculty who want to develop websites for their personal and professional use. The site helps users determine exactly what they need to master to deliver the messages they want to convey.

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